Let me just say WOW. I cannot even begin to express how impressed I am with Tracey. The thoroughness with which this inspection was conducted was beyond anything I expected. She crawled all around, through and on top of every bit of the new house. I’m no newbie when it comes to home improvement and the trades having worked for a plumber, an electrician and a mason. But she pointed out things that I never would have seen. Best yet at the end I was given a very detailed report complete with pictures so that I can address each and every issue as we remodel our new home.
— Evan S.
Litt Home Inspection
Tracey is very knowledgeable about home construction and maintenance. Her advice on what types of things were critical to address and which were solely cosmetic was invaluable to us. Her experience and personal manner imbued us with a lot of confidence both about her and our home. We’d recommend her to anyone needing a new or existing home inspected.
— A & M
Tracey Litt was very responsive and professional. She was great about explaining issues in layman’s terms, and helping us understand which items are safety-related or otherwise deserve higher priority, and which could be deferred until another time. We had a formal report by that night (!) which was incredibly thorough and filled with pictures to help illustrate any issues being described. There were a few items that became negotiating points with the seller, and Tracey’s strong report helped us to support our case. Many of the remaining issues she identified were not immediate problems, but this inspection report will serve as a very handy reference and “to do” list for maintaining our home in the coming years.
— William D.
Tracey did an incredible job inspecting a home we had under agreement to purchase. She was unbelievably knowledgeable and thorough. Over the course of four hours, Tracey inspected the property, crawling in and out of crawl spaces, and pointing out any potential issues, both big and small. She also gave us very helpful information about the home, tips for maintenance of the home, and overall guidance on being a homeowner of an older house. Her report, which arrived quickly via email, included a huge number of detailed pictures. Tracey was also quick to respond to both follow up emails and calls with questions about the inspection and report that we thought of later in the day, over the weekend, and into the next week. Having seen a few home inspectors in action, I can say without reservation that Tracey’s inspection was the most thorough, detailed, useful, and all around impressive. Even my realtor, who sees home inspections by different inspectors practically every day, was impressed.
— Rosalie S.